How To Organize Your Kitchen To Help You Lose Weight

The first step to weight loss success starts in the kitchen.

When you’re tired and hungry, so often “what you see is what you eat.” Since we’re all spending more time at home than usual these days, now’s the perfect time to ask yourself: what do you see when you open your refrigerator or pantry? Plenty of healthy options or a big bag of potato chips and other empty-calorie snacks? 

At Ideal Protein, we believe food is medicine, and weight loss is health care. Our Protocol is designed to preserve muscle mass while resetting your metabolism and improving your overall health. What’s in your kitchen can help or hinder your plans for losing weight and getting healthier and that’s why it’s imperative to organize your kitchen to help you loss weight. 

Here are a few tips to help you stock and organize your kitchen in a way that supports your health and weight loss goals:

Step 1: Do a quick inventory 

Take a moment to notice what foods you have on hand before you go grocery shopping. The more healthy options you have, the higher the chances are that you’ll reach for them when cravings strike rather than diving into someone else’s bag of chips—the ultimate trigger!

Fill your grocery list with your favorite healthy options. If you’re following the Ideal Protein Protocol, also decide which Ideal Protein foods you want to have on hand.

Step 2: Stock up 

Keep your refrigerator stocked with veggies (fresh or frozen) and lean proteins. Condiments and spices are also easy ways to make your meals and snacks more interesting and flavorful. Oils, vinegars, mustards, hot sauces, or spice blends can add a kick to that otherwise ordinary chicken breast—just be sure to check labels to ensure there’s no added sugar or preservatives. 

Step 3: Organize like a pro 

After you know what you have, arrange it to support your healthy eating goals. Here are some tips: 

    • Keep the healthy foods upfront
    • A bag of fresh veggies should get prime real estate space in your refrigerator…front and center!
    • Store leftovers strategically
    • Put healthy options in clear containers so you can see what’s inside. Bonus points if you add a date to keep track of freshness, too.
    • Don’t forget about water
    • Keep a pitcher where you’ll see it easily in the refrigerator to remind you to drink more.
    • Pre-portion your snacks
    • This way, you don’t eat too much—even good-for-you-snacks can go too far and pack on pounds that you just took off. Check out Ideal Protein’s pre-portioned snacks and stock up for when you are on-the-go.
    • Give family members/roommates their own section
    • Ideally, it should be an out-of-sight shelf, cabinet, or drawer that you don’t see or use regularly.
    • Keep it tidy
    • Chaos in the kitchen translates into more munching and overeating. By keeping it organized, you’ll be more likely to stay on track.

The next time you feel hungry, know that when you open your pantry or refrigerator, it’ll be easy to find foods that fill you up, make you feel good, and help you continue your weight loss journey. 

Ideal Protein’s doctor-designed Ketogenic Weight Loss Protocol has a vast selection of meals and snacks that are filling and delicious. And a personal Ideal Protein coach can teach you how to use food as medicine to reset your metabolism, weight, and health for good.   

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